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Mysteries with a sense of place, UK edition

Posted by Mary Ann
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Must Reads from George Saunders
George Saunders is a surrealist and satirist, but he has a big heart. His incredibly fertile imagination can generate some confounding and even disturbing images, and he can be savagely funny, but the shining thread through his stories is a sort of idealism, a belief in humanity’s potential for tenderness. read full post >
Books by and about Refugees
Viet Thanh Nguyen’s life and work was forged in the crucible of the refugee experience. His family escaped from Vietnam in the waning days of the Vietnam War and came to America, where his parents labored to pay for his upbringing and education. The arc of his experience has informed an impressive body of literature. read full post >
In The Path Of The Pope
I’m not a Catholic, but I am fascinated by the Roman Catholic Church. So much history. Such an enigmatic power structure. So much clout – it’s estimated that almost 1.3 billion of the world’s 7.4 billion inhabitants are Catholics. My task of making recommendations is easy, because there are many books that will feed the curiosity of students of Roman Catholicism read full post >
Emma Donoghue Reading List
Emma Donoghue likes to get beneath the surfaces of women’s lives to see what lies beneath. Her writing is vivid, suspenseful and at times disturbing, but you will never be bored reading an Emma Donoghue books. read full post >
Books About People, Horses, and Obsession
When I was a little girl, I was horse crazy. I read every book about horses I could get my hands on, and longed to have a horse of my own, which would have been a fairy tale come true. Alas - the fairy tale did not pan out, but I did live the horsing life through the books. read full post >
A Practical & Proper Reading List from Scottish Writers
I once heard Alexander McCall Smith’s hometown of Edinburgh called a “hotbed of genius,” and I’m a believer. The capital of Scotland is the home of all kinds of geniuses, but I’m most interested in the writing kind. read full post >
The Humanitarian Impulse & Its Costs
I am fascinated by what makes humanitarians like Brilliant tick and their will to help the world’s oppressed... read full post >
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