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A Separation: A Novel

A Separation: A Novel
by Katie Kitamura

From Booklist:  An unnamed narrator, a translator living in England, is relatively unbothered by her estrangement from her husband, Christopher, until she receives a worried call from his mother, Isabella. Unaware of the separation (Christopher wanted it to remain a secret), Isabella insists that her daughter-in-law go to him in Greece. The narrator didn’t know he was there, though this isn’t out of the ordinary for privileged, charming Christopher, a writer—and philanderer—but she agrees to go, and secretly, finally requests their inevitable divorce. However, when she reaches remote Gerolimenas, he’s not there. She’s calm, sure he’s off doing research for his book on mourning rituals, seeking the women hired to wail at strangers’ funerals that the region is known for. A midway reveal changes everything, though, and, with very little evidence and few clues, the narrator must interpret her husband’s situation, sieving for readers the many layers of the story and its telling. At once cool and burning, Kitamura’s (The Longshot, 2009) immersive, probing psychological tale benefits from its narrator’s precise observations and nimble use of language.— Annie Bostrom

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about the author: Katie Kitamura

Katie Kitamura is a novelist, journalist and art critic.  She’s a graduate of Princeton and earned her PhD in American Literature from the London Consortium.

Living in New York City, she regularly contributes to The Guardian, the New York Times and Wired.  She’s written one non-fiction book: Japanese for Travellers - A Journey, describing her travels across Japan as a California raised Japanese-American.  And, three works of fiction that include:  The Longshot, about a mixed martial arts star and his quest for a comeback match; Gone to the Forest, a violent story about the push and pull between father and son reconciling their burden of land ownership in a country in decline.

Her newest nove, A Separation, is an unsettling read. Full of tension, mystery, and inner speculation.

Books by the author:

Japanese for Travellers:  A Journey

The Longshot

Gone to the Forest

A Separation

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A Separation: A Novel
Katie Kitamura
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