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Well READ was created by the Washington Public Affairs Network (TVW) as a local program to run on the TVW cable television channel in Washington state with two goals: 1) introduce readers to authors through personal interviews; and 2) help readers sift through all the books being published by recommending great books that might match their interests.

Well READ was first broadcast on TVW and KBTC Public Television in Tacoma, Washington in April 2012. At the suggestion of KBTC, TVW submitted Well Read to American Public Television (APT) for distribution consideration. Beginning in May 2013, APT began national distribution of Well READ to local public television stations. By September 2013, Well READ was being carried in 70% of all US television markets.  Well READ can now be seen on over 250 public television stations, covering 84 percent of US television markets.

Well READ  is taped in Seattle, Washington and produced by Two Dogs Barking Productions in partnership with TVW.  The show is currently in production and distribution for its fifth season — 30 original episodes distributed over 45 weeks between September 2015 and August 2016.  Access a list of our episodes on the archive page.

Meet the hosts of Well READ by visiting the Hosts Page.

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