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On Trails: An Exploration by Robert Moor

From our partners at BooklistOnline: “In bewildering times—when all the old ways seem to be dissolving into mire—it serves us well to turn our eyes earthward and study the oft-overlooked wisdom beneath our feet,” writes Moor, who makes good on his advice in this deeply informed study of the nature and history of trailmaking. While he’s certainly conversant in current field research, from studies of the world’s oldest trails (an exposed fossilized section of seabed dating back 565 million years) to the mapping of all major footpaths of the ancient Cherokee homeland, the author literally walks the walk, joining Oxford researcher Alexander Liu on the Newfoundland coast to limn the faint fossil trails left by the ancient Ediacaran biota, then hiking with the pistol-packing historian Lamar Marshall to ascertain an old Cherokee trail along a North Carolina ridgeline. There are revelations at every turn here, from the nature of shepherding, to the vast network of ancient animal and Native American trails that underlie modern North America, to the very qualities of the best trails—durability, efficiency, and flexibility—and how we learn from them even as we move beyond them. — Alan Moores

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The Good Dog by Todd Kessler

Review from Booklist: In Blue’s Clues creator Kessler’s sequel to The Good Dog (2015), a thief strikes the Happy Family Bakery. At first just a few pastries go missing—a cupcake here, a cherry chewbilee there—but then a picture disappears from its frame, followed by another item each day. Luckily, Tako (the family dog) is on the case and manages to catch the sticky-pawed cat burglar and chase her from the bakery. Allie the cat continues to turn up around the neighborhood, filching snacks and getting into fights with Tako, but eventually she gets into some serious trouble. As Tako grows worried about Allie’s safety, he realizes that maybe all the cat really needs is a home and a friend. This long-form picture book offers a lengthier story to youngsters who might not be ready for chapter books. Though the book is more than 100 pages, watercolor illustrations cover each page and keep the story moving. The result is a sweet account of friendship and adventure that will please kids for whom one picture book is never enough.— Julia Smith

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Robert Moor

From a new literary voice, Robert Moor comes a groundbreaking exploration of how trails help us understand the world in his new book On Trails: An Exploration.  From ants to elephants to hiking paths that span continents, Moor discusses how the wisdom of trails link together all species.

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Bookmarks by Mary Ann Gwinn

On The Trail – Great Books About Long Walks Anyone who loves to walk knows how it clears the head. As Robert Moor points out in his lovely book On Trails, there’s an almost meditative quality to it.  Anyone who loves to walk knows how it clears the head. As Robert Moor points out in his lovely book On Trails, there’s an almost meditative quality to it. get the full list >

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